Acetone and brass/chamber cleaning

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    Nov 2, 2003
    Just hoping to get a few experienced opinions on this topic.

    After sizing and wiping off Imperial Sizing Wax off the cases with a dry paper towel and then a water dampened one, I've started to then wipe off the cases with a paper towel dampened in acetone. The cases have a very clean, 'grippy' feel to them after using just a quick wipe with a acetone dampened paper towl.

    Aren't cases supposed to 'grip' the chamber walls when fired? It seemed to me that they might do a better job of this and produce less bolt thrust if they are made especially clean using acetone.

    The natural progression of this idea was to do a final cleaning of the chamber with an acetone dampened chamber mop after cleaning the barrel, chamber and action areas (Sinclair's Action cleaning kit). After shooting ~30 rds the other day, after the first time cleaning both the chamber and the brass with acetone, my initial takeway is that there were less pressure signs on the case head than I would've expected otherwise.

    I'm sure others are doing this or have done it and aren't doing it anymore for whatever reason, etc. What are the ideas out there regarding a quick cleanup on brass and chamber with a judicious use of acetone to really remove any residue and clean the area thoroughly? Thanks, Jon
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