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  1. bravo4hunter

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Hi, everyone I have a question for you gunsmithing subject matter expert's. I am building a new rifle which is a Remington 700 Senduro SFII chambered in 300wm. I am considering replacing the bolt with one of David Tubbs custom bolts. It has a lot of upgrade's that I would like to have for the bolt in my gun. I know I will need to have a gunsmith headspace it to my gun but here is my question. Will it create any other problems for me or is it a pretty simple uograde? Maybe one of you out there has upgraded to this bolt, or just know a little something about switching to another bolt other than factory.
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    Jul 29, 2004
    It is not uncommon to change bolts. There are many good reasons to do so.
    Fit would be the main reason and bolt face would be another.the extractor style could be still
    another reason.

    Special work such as bolt handle and fluting change the appearance and is yet another reason
    for a bolt change.

    This is not a simple change and should be researched before entering into because it could be
    very expensive and may not be nessary.

    For example- If your existing bolt is a poor fit (Worn) and this is the reason to change it out,
    you should buy an over sized bolt and the appropriate race way reamer, And a gun smith still
    has to install the bolt and do the race way.

    If you just want to change the bolt because of the bolt face and your action is within tolerance
    you can change the bolt (Standard size), pick the type of extractor you want, the finish(Fluted
    or ground) you want for very little difference in the price of a bolt face change and an extractor
    change(Required when going to a larger bolt face) and the bolt handle you like, and the only
    thing the smith has to do is head space it.

    Standard 700 Rem bolt diameters are .700. the action race way is around .0035 , leaving .0035
    clearance to operate smoothly but still function if it if not clean.

    A new standard bolt will improve the fit enough in most cases and a oversize would not be nessary.

    If the fit between your bolt and the action is greater than .004 or .005 thousandths a larger bolt
    should be considered.

    So the two reasons I would recomend changing bolts would be bolt face diameters and/or fit.

    If this is decided then all of the options can then be decided. (Fluting,extractor type, bolt handle
    and knob style, ETC.

    Hope this helps you decide what you need.


  3. bravo4hunter

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Thank you for you're advise I dont think I have any of those problems The gun is actully brand new and un fired. I was jusr researching getting my bolt fluted just for the sole pourpose that I like the look of it and I came across this custom bolt that has alot of upgrades and the advertising for it make it seem like an awsome deal. What they say in the advertising is that it only will need headspacing and it should be good to go. I think I will research it more and see But I think I will just try to find someone who can spiral flute my bolt.
  4. grit

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    Mar 23, 2005
    You can flute a factory bolt.

    The aftermarket bolts are very nice. I suggest a bolt and handle from Pacific Tool and Gage. You can choose your fluting, bolt face, extractor, handle and knob. The handle will need to be properly located and tig welded in place. Proper handle placement is critical. Two piece bolts allow for optimum handle placement.