7mm/300 wsm detachable mag??

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  1. mk443

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    Jan 7, 2011
    I'm taking the plunge into my first wild cat/ first custom build. I have a rem LA in the safe and I'm finally getting ready to pull the trigger. I'm a huge STW fan, but to be different I settled on the 7/300 wsm. I want to push the 175-180 gr (195 if they ever happen) as far out as I can on a repeater. What detachable magazine can I run and not have to deal with feeding issues? Is anyone else running this round or the regular 7wsm with the 180's in a repeater and care to share their COAL? Did some digging and couldn't find that info. I want to run the APA or R and D bottom metal with the non pogo stick release, but I'm not stuck on that.

    Any Input would be great,

  2. minute of elk

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    Mar 7, 2012
    i went CDI bottom metal & Alpha wsm mags for my 7shamwow & am running 180's at ~2.96"

    i couldn't find anything else that would let me run longer at the time, but i've heard that someone used to make a longer setup (CDI & Seekins come to mind)

  3. trucraft

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    Apr 17, 2013
    As your using a long action I'm sure you can set you COAL to have the bullet perfect in the case neck with out maxing out you mag length.
    I should think most AI type Mags will work with perhaps a slight tweek of the feed lips.

    I'm sure there a a few threads on the Hide re WSM with DBM in a long action.

    I have a SAUM on a short action and will use surgeon DBM with Alpha industries wsm Mag.

    I will post a thread once it's up and running.
    Seekins told me they don't do there wsm mags anymore.