6mm bullets for my .243WSSM

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  1. c_bass16

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    Sep 22, 2009
    alright fellas, here is your chance to help out a noob.
    I have been shooting 75gr VMax with Varget for about a year out of my .243WSSM AR-15 and it works great but they are just a smidge light for using on big game at extended ranges.
    I managed to get ahold of about a dozen 105 Lapua Scenar BTHP from a guy that could not get them to stablize out of his 1:10 coyote gun. my AR has been graced with a 1:9 and using RL17 i tested 7 loads, all ran smooth with no keyholes or pressure disasters.
    39.8 - 40.3 - 40.8 - 41.3 - 41.8 - 42.3 - 42.8

    What would any of you suggest for a good 105gr hunting round. These are some of the bullets i have researced, but I am open to other suggestions.

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]105 Lapua Scenar .530 BC
    105 Berger Match King VDL .532 BC
    105 AMAX .500 BC
    105 Nosler Custom Compatition .593 BC

    Give me your vote and reason, or make a different suggestion.
  2. 4bycamper

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    Apr 11, 2009

    I wouldn't use Match Competition bullets for hunting. Some brands will not expand and drill a 6mm hole. Others will expand too quickly and not provide a deadly wound. Not very ethical. The goal is to provide a quick and humain kill.

    If you used a hunting grade bullet of 100 grains or more you would be all set for antelope and white tailed deer. Maybe mule deer also if you picked your shots carefully. Nosler AB and BT are good choices.
    You probably won't need target rifle accuracy to hunt. MOA has always worked for me. But then I haven't needed a shot over 500 yds. :)

    JM .02

  3. Ksmirk

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    Oct 8, 2006
    I know that people will tell me that I'm stupid for using these bullets but man I have had great results in my 243, I'm shooting the 107SMK's and they have been hammers on these little Okie deer! the furthest to date is 473 yards. Now the Berger hunting VLD's would be my choice but I have a few more SMK's to get rid of before I go off and purchase the Bergers.

    I also had great luck with the SMK's from a 308 also and the 162 A-Max from my 284 Win has worked on 2 so far VERY well! almost too good but then again how much more than dead can you get? If you go wit a 100gr hunting bullet be careful on the velocity and twist of your barrel, I have the 1-8 twist and a couple name brand bullets would spin apart if pushed to much. Later,

  4. c_bass16

    c_bass16 Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2009
    I got a doz 6mm 105gr Lapua Scenar freebies from a dude on another forum. He had a 1:10 twist and couldnt get them to stabilize. My 1:9 AR barrel seemed to handle the 105's very well, no key holes even at the lightest load of RL17. Dont plan on going much higher than 105's.

    I may also be considered stupid for showing interest in competition bullets like the Noslers I noted earlier but in my own personal experience, the ability for a bullet to hold together on big game is very "hit and miss" if you will excuse the pun. My 75gr Vmax didnt hold together AT ALL on this recent antelope. All i found was a shredded jacket in the opposite shoulder of the entry. Not much different with my old 100gr Winchester Factory soft points. No lead to speak of on 50% of my shots. Nothing left but shards of jacket.
  5. davewilson

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    Feb 19, 2004
    have used the 105 a-max on a few deer and it drops em like the hammer of thor! very accurate also.
  6. Ridge Runner

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    Dec 13, 2002
    don't use the lapua's, shot one deer with a 139 gr 6.5 at 781, saw enough to know its not a deer bullet.