3rd Gen Shooting Big Bushnell Sale!!!!

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Hey Guys,

    I know I have been gone for a while but as you can imagine the gun industry has been a little hecktic lately :D

    We have decided to blow out all of our current Bushnell optics at 10% below last years wholesale pricing!!! I am giving all of the LRH members the first go at the product as next week we will announce the sale to everybody.

    Below is a list of all products and you can go to our site to see product photos. The website will also contain a more in depth description of the items. Please dont PM or email orders, please call the number below for all ordering and any questions you have, or just order online. Or post a question on this thread and i will get back to ya as quick as i can. Thanks

    Trail Sentry 1.3mp w/ video--13 in stock--$82.80--#11-9200
    Trail Sentry 2.1 mp Full Color w/o video--10 in stock--$74.19--#11-9202
    Trail Sentry 2.1mp Night Vision w/o video--12 in stock--$124.02--#11-9302
    Trail Scout 5mp Color/Night Vision--2 in stock--$217.04--#13-0142
    Legend Binoculars 10x42--5 in stock--$186.94--#19-0144
    Legend Binoculars 10x42 RealTree Camo--7 in stock--$200.30--#19-0144
    Yardage Pro Scout --2 in stock--$184.14--#20-0001
    Yardage Pro Sport 450--3 in stock--$121.64--#20-1916
    Elite 1500 w/Arc--3 in stock--$332.96--#20-5101
    Elite 3200 3-9x40--19 in stock--$133.56--#32-3944m
    Elite 3200 3-9x40 matte FireFly--14 in stock--$153.59--#32-3946m
    Elite 3200 5-15x40 AO--5 in stock--$217.51--#32-5154m
    Elite 3200 Tactical 5-15x40 Mil Dot--1 in stock--$248.04--#32-5154t
    Elite 3200 5-15x50 AO--5 in stock--$228.96--#32-5155m
    Elite 3200 7-21x40 Mil Dot--4 in stock--$271.89--#32-7214m
    GPS Nav System Color--6 in stock--$218.20--#36-2005
    Onix 400 Weather Tracker--1 in stock--$344.39--#36-4000
    Elite 4200 2.5-10x50--8 in stock--$347.26--#42-2105m
    Elite 4200 3-9x40M--8 in stock--$199.39--#42-3944m
    Elite 4200 4-16x50 AO--5 in stock--$378.74--#42-4165m
    Elite 4200 6-24x40M Mil--5 in stock--$342.50--#42-6242m
    Elite 4200 6-24x40M Side Focus--4 in stock--$399.75-#42-6242p
    Elite 4200 8-32x40M AO--1 in stock--$365.38--#42-8324m
    Banner 3.5-10x36M AO--40 in stock--$66.15--#71-3510
    Banner 3-9x40 Blk Pwdr--22 in stock--$54.23--#71-3944
    Banner 3-9x40 Blk Pwdr Camo--9 in stock--$62.19--#71-3944ap
    Banner 3-9x40M--19 in stock--$52.29--#71-3948
    Banner 4-12x40M AO--12 in stock--$68.13--#71-4124
    Banner 6-18x50M AO--10 in stock--$87.77--#71-6185
    Trophy 2-6x32M--1 in stock--$124.40--#73-2632
    Trophy 3-9x40M--22 in stock--$66.74--#73-3948
    Trophy 3-9x40M--1 in stock--$71.51--#73-3949
    Trophy 4-12x40M AO--40 in stock--$130.32--#73-4124m
    Trophy 6-18x40M AO--13 in stock--$158.36--#73-6184

    Like I said give me or BJ a holler if you have any questions or if anything i typed doesnt make sense lol

    thanks guys
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