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  1. Possum284

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    Nov 18, 2007
    I have a ruger number 1 in 416 rigby and for my final project at gunsmith school I was thinking of rebarreling it to 375 lapua. It would just be a 338 lapua improved necked up to 375 I think it would duplicate 378 weatherby ballistics without the belt and you could use lapua brass. This wouldnt be a super long range rig only to 5-600 yards if it will hoot accuratley enough. But I think a 300 grain accubond leaving the sation at 2900-3000fps would be some serious oomph and would shoot relativley flat. What do you guys think.

  2. Varminator 911

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    Dec 7, 2007

    Sounds like a good project to me. The cartridge and case are top notch.
    If I had any reservations it would be that for most things
    the cartridge is probably overkill. This much power is not needed
    for anything up to elk but it will certainly work. For thick skinned
    dangerous game it suffers the same limitations as the 378
    Weatherby; it is too much power for many bullets. As a result on
    game performance can be erratic. But combined with bullets tough
    enough for 3000fps and the game at hand, it will certainly have
    plenty of oomph.

    I would think the 300 accubond would be at it's best at longer
    ranges where it has slowed a bit, say 1800-2400fps. That will
    get you a long ways out there even with it's likely modest bc.

    What twist are you thinking? I'd use what might be needed
    for a little longer bullet than the accubond. A Berger VLD and SMK
    are possibilities.

    Good luck on your project. Hope you can get that Ruger to
    shot up to the potential of your cartridge!!

  3. Possum284

    Possum284 Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2007
    I was going with a krieger barrel and the fastest twist is 1-12 which I guess is what I will go with. Yea it is deffinatley overkill but so is the 416 it is already chambered for. I thought it would be a cool project. I seen somewhere that seirra had a 350 grain smk but havent heard much bout it. thanks fo the reply keepum comin.

    Oh and what contour should I go with cause the no.1 has a different kind of contour it is more straight taper and the barrel length was going to be 28in with a break on the end so it will be the same overall as a bolt action with a 26inj barrel thanks again.
  4. Bravo 4

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    Jul 20, 2007
    For some stupid reason, if I was gonna rebarrel a #1 I'd put a barrel chambered in the .50 Peace Keeper. Don't ask me why, but that's what pops up in my head.
  5. Black Diamond 408

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    Sep 6, 2003

    That would be a good thumper, If your having a reamer made i would go with a improved version just to get a bit more powder cap. OR go with the 375-416 rigby Imp for the extra you will get over the Lapua case. I would think about a 10 or 11 twist, they will work much better for the longer bullets like the 350 SMK.

  6. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    I have my 375 Allen Xpress which is very similiar to what your discribing and it is a great round. Much better then the 378 Wby and will do anything the big Wby will do and at times more and do it with less powder, less expensive brass and far superior brass in quality and stength.

    500-600 yards will be easily doable, greatly depends on the rifle and how it shoots of course. The Ruger #1 can have its issues for real precision but sometimes they really shoot well.

    You may want to try to get some of the new 350 gr SMK if you can in 375 cal. The velocity will be lower then your listing but the BC in the .77 range will give you alot more punch down range.

    From what I have seen testing the 375 AX against similiar rounds like the 378 Wby and 375-416 Imp, the Lapua based rounds will do anything the much larger Wby or Rigby based rounds will do and again, often more because of the much stronger case. I think you would be very frustrated with the Rigby case as they are not designed to handle true modern high pressure loads for repeated firings. I always hear the arguement that the 416 Rigby can be loaded to match the 416 Wby in performance, that being a 400 gr at 2700 fps. That is true, then I ask them how many firings they are getting from their $3 each brass at those levels........

    The Lapua will take more pressure and last longer hands down, plus its designed for precision, your on the right track.

    Remember to post pics when you get her done and let us know how she shoots!!!
  7. Possum284

    Possum284 Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2007
    Yea I'm hoping I get lucky and can make this thing shoot. I hadn't heard of this round but assumed someone had done it already but I guess not. That kinda makes me feel good inside lol. Now I'm sure someone will say they have done it but thats alright to. It will be awhile beforeits done I have to wait tell the end os school before I can do my custom project and I bot awhile to go but I'll make sure to post pics. Any and all replys are apprecited I would really like to know if I'm the first one to do this besides fiftydriver.

    Oh fiftydriver what are the differences between your round and the one I want to do. Thanks Possum