338 snipe -tac

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    Mar 14, 2010
    Well I found the top -end of the Snipe-tac. Was looking for 3300 fps got real close. The gun was built by Robert Snyder Gunsmithing.
    Action -- Stiller Repeater 1.6
    Barrel-- Brux 1-9.5 30 inch
    Bullet -- 300 grain Accubond Hornaday
    Powder 139- 141 grs Hodgen 50 Bmg. Also using VV 20 N29 good results
    Speeds are 3225 to 3296 fps.
    These are loads for my gun may not work for others. Care should always be taken when reloading any firearm. These are Max loads.

    Did not shoot the Bergers because I want to get my loads close before I went and pounded the Bergers.