338/378 or 300/378

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    Dec 15, 2007
    If a fella wanted to build a 338/378 or 300/378 what action would he have to have and where is the best place to get one?


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    Here is the way I and many others look at it.

    Approach it from a standpoint of you getting the action and then losing favor with it or deciding to go smaller or larger..... In other words which will bring the best resale value from standpoint of demand when you decide to sell it. I believe that you would find the BAT to be the one that would command the highest resale value.

    With that being said, there is a reason why a lot of folks are focusing on the BAT actions and that is because they work well and the folks are easy to work with. Also, it is easy to get additional bolts to use for smaller sized cases.

    If the burglars robbed me of all my Hall Express actions, I would replace them with new BATS since Alan Hall does not make the Express anymore...... My second choice would be Jerry Stiller's actions....... However, if you could find some of the Nesika Bay actions that were made in the earlier years before they moved, those would be a nice one as well. I would stay away from the current Nesika actions.......


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    Jun 12, 2004
    You need to realize that the 338-378 and 30-378 are pretty long chamberings, especially if your going to use a long range match type bullet for long range shooting and hunting. Or the tipped big game bullets such as the Nolser Accubond. If your building a single shot, this is much less of a concern but if your looking for a repeater, you will need a receiver that will allow you to convert it to a longer then standard magazine length.

    The best receiver I have used lately for this type of rifle is the BAT model HRPIC receiver. This one has an integral recoil lug and 20 moa rail base. It is designed specifically for this class of chamberings.

    It also allows you to modify it for use with the longer magazine boxes be it the Wyatt 3.900" center feed internal mag box or the new Seekins 3.990" DM system. IT can be modified to work with either of these.

    Its not much heavier then a standard Rem 700 but much stronger in the critical areas allowing it to easily work with the Big Wby and Lapua class chamberings. It also works well with the medium weight barrels but I would not go much over a 1.200" straight cylinder barrel with this receiver without some bedding support on the barrel. For anything lighter, you can easily freefloat the barrel with no problem of receiver flex.

    The rest really comes down to what type of rifle you want as far as stock, barrel, barrel specs and such.
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    Jul 29, 2004

    I would go with a custom action or a Weatherby MK5 with the 378,416,460 bolt face

    The MK5 would be ready to go as is if you could find one at a good price and all you would
    have to do is rebarrel with a good custom barrel.