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    Apr 17, 2005
    I have a factory 700 LSS in 300 WSM that does not shoot well, avg 2MOA, but feeds and functions well. So last month I ordered a Broughton 5c 1 in 10 3 contour and it should be arriving soon. I want to have it chambered in 300 WSM and cut to 24" and make it my go to all around hunting rifle. I'm new to the long range thing but would like this rifle to perform out to 600+ but still be relatively lightweight. I'm thinking about shooting 200g AB's or 210 VLD's and I'm hoping for consistancy under 1 MOA, preferably 1/2 MOA. So here come the questions:

    1. What kind of work should I have done to the action? I plan to have the receiver face squared and the lugs lapped. Is that enough?

    2. Should I buy an aftermarket recoil lug and if so which one?

    3. Should I specify anything specific for the throat? I want to feed from the standard rem box.

    4. I have a bell and carlson stock that came off of a new Alaskan Ti rifle. It has aluminum pillars. I would like to use this stock if possible and just float the barrel and bed around the lug and tang. Would this work or should I get a different stock.

    5. I live in eastern Idaho but I'm in Utah a lot on the weekends. Does anyone know of a good gunsmith near me. I'm thinking about sending it to John King in Montana.

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    Jul 1, 2002
    since you already have a barrel in route then I'd say go ahead and have it installed and strat with a good base.

    As for what to have done? well as long as the smith has the action their and apart you may as well eliminate as many variables as possible and have the action blueprinted this is gonna run around $175 give or take and is argueably a waste of time depending on who you talk to , personaly its money well spend to ensure all is well and one less thing to worry about.
    I personaly would leave the barrel as long as possible that extra couple inches is not going to add enogugh weight to realy matter and that weight can be trimmed else where , but a 24" barrel is plenty to get good speeds out of the 300WSM and with the 210 Berger or the 200gr accubonds for that matter , its certainly a 600yd rifle if you have your ducks in a row.
    Go ahead and spend the extra $30 on a good ground recoil lug yet another little thing less to worry about later if the gun doesen't shoot.
    and you can use your B&C stock it'll just have to be inletted for the heavier barrel and I suggest fully bedding the action , more money well spent to ensure good accuracy

    As for the chamber , well thats an area of great debate , if you want to feed from the factroy mag then your gonna have to seat those long VLD's way deep in the case , this both decreases the amout of powder you can put in their and will eliminate the chanes of seating the bullet to touch the lands with a standard cut chamber. In a conventional chamber you will probably be able to feed from the mag with hunting bullets and get close to the lands but I highly doubt that it'll happen with the Bergers.

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    Dec 24, 2001
    You can get a Wyatt magazine box that will give you alittle extra OAL for the WSM case
    Wyatt's Outdoor Custom Rifles - Magazine Boxes

    I used a Broughton 5c 1/12 twist for my 300WSM and since most reamers may be set up for a short throat I'd talk to your gunsmith about throating etc for those heavier bullets. I had mine throated longer for the 168gr TSX did the same with a 270WSM.

    I would have the action squared,bedded and good trigger on the 300WSM I used a McMillian stock on the 270WSM a Welcome to High Tech Specialties, Inc.!!!.

    My only problem with the 200/210gr bullets is the lenght vs need case capacity and it sure wouldn't hurt to give Walt a call and get some loading data and see what he thinks. As to gunsmiths you have some great ones that post on this site.

    Well good luck