.270 Winchester questions ?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by wodenson, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. wodenson

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    Nov 7, 2006
    Thinking about getting a .270 Winchester for deer and antelope. I have looked at a few ballistic tables and it apears this has very good downrange energy with 130 and 140 boattail bulets as well as being very flat shooting. Also I am not new to reloading, so I will handload for this rifle.
    I have a couple of questions about the .270 Winchester though. Never owned a .270 caliber before so thought I should ask first. What kind of accuracy can I expect from a .270 Win? What is your favorite bullet for deer and antelpoe in this caliber? What is your preference in brass and powder?

  2. papa45

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    Feb 22, 2005
    I have been shooting and reloading for a .270 for over 25 years. A .270 is as accurate as any other caliber. Accuracy depends on the rifle, the load, the shooter and a whole bunch of other things. My favorite all-around load for deer and antelope is a 130 gr. Hornady spire point over 56.0 gr. IMR 4350, using Remington brass and WLR primers. I get consistent 1-inch groups (sometimes 1/2 inch, if I do my part)and 3060 fps. (56.0 gr. is over max in most reloading manuals, so don't start there!) I have also loaded a 150 gr. Nosler Partition over 54.0 gr. IMR 4350 at 2930 fps as a backup for elk. My Remington 700 shoots almost anything well, except the Hornady SST - couldn't get that one to shoot under 2 inches.

  3. 41mag

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Ditto to papa45,

    I have loaded them using a variety of powders and bullet weights and found with a little tinkering they generally will shot well with a number of different of loads.

    THe latest I have tried was using 55grs of Ramshot Hunter, under the Nosler BT and Hornady SST. Surprisingly the SST finially shot better than the Nosler and both grouped under 2" @ 200yds. I am sure this can be improved upon a little but I simply loaded them and headed to the country. I just had bedded this particular rifle the first part of last week, and for the first time out with a pulled together load, I am very pleased.
  4. davkrat

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    Sep 18, 2006
    I have a Rem. 700 ADL in .270 Win. The gun is all stock except that I glass bedded it. My 22" Sporter barrel loves 58.0gr. of H4831 and the 130gr. Nosler BT's. It regularly shoots under an inch and I have on occasion gone under 1/2". I have also been experimenting with the 110gr. Hornady VMax which has also been very accurate. I believe around 55gr. of H4831 on the 110 Vmax showed the best accuracy, I don't have my load data in front of me. I did a ladder test and 4 consecutive .3gr steps were touching at 100yds so I think I found a node! I am planning on having this gun rebarreled (hopefully that's not a mistake) to a 270 Ackley, #5 fluted, 24" with hopes of being able to push the heavier bullets closer to 3100fps. Supposedly Berger is working on a .277 VLD and the Wildcat 150gr. RBBT if they are pushed up around 3100 look like they would be really good at extending the range. From looking at reloading manuals I don't think the 7mm Mag really does that much more except burn more powder. I'll probably get flamed for saying that but I think these heavier bullets with high BCs really help push the old cartridge forward but I also think the Ackley version will be better with the heavier bullets. Here in California though the .270 is a greta cartridge, 130 BT's for deer and 150 Partitions for pigs. I took my .270 elk hunting in Colorado but didn't see any legal bulls. At the time I was giong to limit myself to a 200 yard shot, after reading on this forum and seeing what others have done I think with the heavy and higher BC bullets you could probably take an Elk at 500 yards with a 270. Please correct me if I am wrong. I love my 270 my brother has a 7mm Mag and I really don't see much difference, he wishes he had gotten a 270 too!
  5. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    30+ years experience w/270 Win w/24" Douglas bbl.

    Shot many, many Mulies and a moose w/130gr Sierra Boat Tails at all kinds of distances. Powder was 4350 as N205 became unavailable. Velocity was just under 3100 fps.

    Wore out that barrel and went w/27" bbl and discovered RL-22. About 58+grains and the 140 Nornady BTSP are now used as am getting a little better velocity and just as good accuracy w/a bit heavier bullet.