270 win, 150g sbt's and RL-22 results

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    270 win, 150g sbt\'s and RL-22 results

    Since all the talk about RL-22 being so accurate. I figured what the hell, I'll try it in my 270 with 150g gamekings. I had already found a load that shot 1.5" at 200 yards for 5 shots with 57.5g h-4831sc with a muzzle velocity of 2920fps in a 22" bbl. I was very happy and thats about the best group I have got with h4831sc out of this rifle with about 30 loads tested. I have never not liked RL-22, I just shyed away from it a couple years ago from the talk of it being temp sensitive, so I switched to hodgon extreme line of powders. I used RL-22 in my first 25-06 and my 300 WM and got excellent groups. That was before I had a crono and was a member on this site. So anyways, a lot of people have said to put 58g RL-22 behind a 150g bullet and it should be icing on the cake. Well I loaded up 3 loads last night with 57g, 57.5g, and 58g with Fed 215 mag primer, w-w cases, and OAL of 3.410". Results are as follows at 200 yards.

    57g 2" 3 shot group

    57.5g .563" 3 shots

    58g 2" 3 shots

    I would say theres definately a sweet spot at 57.5g. Thats where H-4831sc did the best as well. Anyways, I'll take a .56" 3 shot group at 200 yards with a factory rifle any day of the week! Velocity was also 3010fps for the average, which is 90fps faster then my h-4831sc load. I think I will use RL-22 from now on out of this rifle with these bullets. A 150g gameking at 3010fps is no slouch out of a 270 with a 22" bbl.
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    Re: 270 win, 150g sbt\'s and RL-22 results

    For my 270 r-22 and imr 7828 I use cci 250 mag primers. I found that really closed up the FPS deviation