25 Souper?

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    Jun 4, 2003
    Hey all. I dont know what I got myself into but I came across one of these and I pretty much bought it for the action. The guy said it was a Mauser 98, one of the better ones he said. It has a 22" Ashton barrel on it, an adjustable trigger down to 2lbs, a cheap synthetic stock on it and a junky scope. I picked it up for $275. Was this a good price? I like 25 calibers, but I dont have any wildcats. From what I understand, it is basically a 308 necked down to .257". I need to know what to get and how to load for it. Which brings up another question, anybody have any load data or information? I am going to use this gun for coyotes mainly. Probly shoot the 85g BT. I figure for a first wildcat I could not beat the price, plus its a 25 cal, plus if I dont like it, I would really love to build a 6.5-284 in the future.