243win vs 6mm rem vs 25-06

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  1. varminthunter-243win

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    Apr 4, 2004
    well guys, i'm being challenged with a very interesting decision. i found a 6mm at a local gun store and my best friend is trying to sell me a 25-06. as u could probably guess, i'm using a .243win right now and i'm wondering if i should change calibers. i'm new to this so i am open to all suggestions. neither of the two other rifles have scopes but i can keep my currrent scope to move it over to the other rifle if need be. thanks for the help
  2. hvy barrel

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    Jul 19, 2005
    The 6mm has a very slight ballistic edge over the 243, according to most of the debates & loading manuals I have read about it. The move from a 243 Win to a 6mm Rem would be a lateral move at best. It is my understanding that, in factory rifles, the 243 has a 1:10" twist barrel & the rifles labeled 6mm have a 1:9" twist. If the barrel is labeled as 244 Rem it may have a 1:12" twist & will not stabilize heavy bullets. Certain heavier bullets such as the 105gr HDY A-max require the 1:9" to stabilize. If you load your own bullets you might see a difference between them, but if you shoot factory loaded ammo only I don't think you will see much difference.
    The 25-06 is a cartridge based on the 30-06 case. Compared to the 243 Win which is based on the 308 case. You will have more powder capacity & the bullets will be the next size up in diameter & weight options. You can still use the 25-06 for varmint & big game duty.
    In short all 3 are excellent choices & if you handload your own ammo they can be used to hunt almost anything.
    I hope this helps.
    I have 2 6mm's & 1 243 myself & I enjoy them very much. I am still lookng for my first 25-06.

  3. bucknutz

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    Jun 30, 2004
    if you like your .243 keep it! i mainly use a .25-06 classic with a 100smk to 500yds.i have a .243 win featherweight also,the 06 moves me off tgt on grounghogs every shot and has no better B.C. bullet choices.burns 10gr+ gr more powder.i dont think any hog or deer ever noticed any difference.when this 25-06 burns up,i will be moving it to the 6mm cal...get a 6br....
  4. LWolken

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    Nov 30, 2004
    Keep the 243 and make it an improved. First off you can get Lapua brass in the 243 hands down the best. Barrel twist rate is usually slower in the 6mm rem vs the 243 win so it will not stabilize the longer VLD bullets, Also the availibility of factory ammo if needed in a pinch. Just my opinion but hey I own one and those are the reasons I did the 243 ACK.
  5. LB

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    Jul 22, 2004
    Broadly, you can consider all of them in the same general catagory.

    I shoot all three, and believe there is a definite difference between them.

    The 25'06, in hunting weight bullets probably has more versatility, and, at least on paper, is better able to handle larger game at longer ranges.

    If weighing the relative merits of a 6mm or the 243 Win. off the shelf; I would go with the slightly larger case capacity. Depending on your barrel length, and bullet selection, it may not matter very much? But, the 6mm does have an edge.

    Getting to the 24 versus 25 caliber debate, in a factory chambered gun, you will see heavier bullets available in twenty-five caliber. If that suits your mission, then that's the way to go. For large predators out to 400 yards or so, there is not a heck of a lot of difference between all three. All three can benefit by the Ackley improvement, so to say that the 243 Imp. is better than a 6mm; you can punch the 6mm to Improved demensions and it's a stand off.

    Average accuracy potential probably favors the 243, to some extent? I just have a soft spot for a 6mm Remington, good all around choice; varmint to deer.

    You cannot go wrong with any of the above.

    Good hunting. LB