1000 yards with some .308 rifles

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ian M, Oct 4, 2007.

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    May 3, 2001
    We shot several .308 rifles at 1000 yards yesterday at some steel plates, a computer monitor and a 24" television set. For those who are into "terminal" performance here is one to file away - the 168 Hornady A-MAX did not exit from a standard computer monitor after making the 1000 yard trip. Busted a nice sized hole in the glass but blew up on the internals. Now the same bullet did a nasty to the TV set, with some exits being oblong bullet shaped so the bullet must have been sideways when it went out through the pegboard-like material in the back. The glass in the monitor was significantly tougher than the tv glass, I hoped for a big reaction when the bullets hit the tv but nothing.

    We shot the ICONS in .30 TC and .308 a bunch in some very tricky wind. The rifles shot very well, good enough to kill deer out to 800 yards I believe. Everyone agreed that the new Nikon Monarch X scopes are kick-butt. We had about fifteen steel targets setup at different distances from 100 to 1005 yards. Coyotes, deer, military pop-ups and large 2'x4' sheets of 3/8" steel. Lots of lead flew very accurately despite the ugly winds.

    Good practice but I believe we will stay at 700 and 800 for our practice since 1000 is a bit much for our .308 loads.