08 SW Sask Mule Deer Hunt!(Accubond ROCKS!)

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    Nov 10, 2003
    5 days, 2500 kms, 3 hunters, 6 does, 3 bucks.

    Left on Tuesday evening for SW Sask.

    Stayed overnight in Prince Albert.

    Got down South Wed afternoon.

    Got checked in hotel @ 2PM.

    Went to SERM, bought 2 does tags(earn a buck program so you have to shoot 2 does, submit heads for CWD testing) then you can buy either-sex tag.

    Got to landowners house around 4PM.

    Hunted that evening but no luck.

    Thursday morning...seen 13 bucks(NO tags)

    We got 3 does around 9 AM., 2 more @ 11 AM.

    Went to town submitted heads and got 2 buck tags.

    Hunted Thursday evening. Passed up on 2 decent bucks.

    Friday Morning. We filled our last doe tag early(mine):sniper:

    Back to town to get our last buck tag.

    Back out @ 1PM Friday.

    1st buck was down @ 3PM, 2nd @ 4 PM.

    My buck was last to go.

    I did see 2 large bucks to south so after we got last deer cleaned and loaded we headed south.

    We seen a larger deer to south about 1/2 mile a way.(too far) with only 45 minutes of legal light left. We spotted a smaller buck about 600 yards to West. I walked over. I crouched down and crept up and peeked over the knoll/hill. The small buck was there with 2 does and DECENT buck. I ranged him @ 328 yards.

    Hit him once and he ran about 50 yards. He was down but still kicking so I hit him again.

    1st shot was through front shoulder into lungs and through ribs on other side and lodged inside the hide.

    2nd shot was through the neck.

    I was using my Ruger#1 in 7mm Rem Mag. 160gr Accubond(3050 fps). Did a pretty good job on him.

    Stayed in town that night and started North first thing in morning. Was ALOT of driving but good time was had by all.

    Mine is the buck on the right...biggest...and last deer shot.:dancingbanana:




    Deer Hoist that I built.

    Cost me around 90 bucks and took about 8 hours. Swivels in the middle and breaks apart into 2 pieces. Cables reach truck battery. winch is Crappy Tire $35 winch which lifted large bucks no problem. Made cleaning and loading a 1 man operation. Most of the steel was salvaged from the dump. 2 inch square tubing cost me $30. The winch cable and pulleys were taken from an old Crappy Tire come-along.

    I plan on making larger one with better winch that will do a Moose or Elk!

  2. corey006

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    Nov 10, 2003
    7mm 160gr Nosler Accubond.@ 3050 fps.

    Recovered bullet weighed 120.9 gr. which is around 75%.

    328 yards. Front shoulder, through chest but did not make it through the opposite hide.(fell out while skinning)

    Good penetration and LOTS of damage.


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    Jan 20, 2004
    Good goin'!!!

    I like the innovative lift. + points for that.

    Great job in posting pics. + points for that.

    Great bullet performance effort pic. + points for that.

    Yur grade for the hunt from one end to the other = 9.98 out of ten.

    0.02 deductions for the sorry person that did your makeup for the pic.:D