WTT my rifles for your Top tier riflescope.

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    Apr 26, 2012


    Caliber: 5.56, 7.62x51

    Location (city or county): Humboldt County

    Price: Trades only

    Will ship (Y/N): Maybe

    Other info:

    I am looking for HIGH QUALITY OPTICS ONLY. Mainly Nightforce, but will consider S&B, Premier, and USO ect. I'm looking for a higher magnification rifle scopes like the Nightforce 5.5-22X in MOA/MOA only. I'm not used to the MIL/MIL system and don't want to have to make the change. Must be matching reticle/turrets. $$ on your end or my end to make up any difference in a trade. The only other trades I would be interested in is a Sabre Defense M5 tactical DI upper. Or I would be willing to entertain another M1A model in trade for my Socom2.

    First up is my LWRC M6A2. This is not a factory complete rifle. I purchased the upper and lower separately. Lower is marked 6.8spc but can be used for 5.56 as well. I purchased the Upper myself and it has roughly 3-500 rounds through it. Scope and scope mount not included. That's an LMT sopmod stock on the rifle. LWRC flip sights and muzzle brake are included. Magazine and rail protectors not included.


    Next is my Sabre Defense M5 tactical piston rifle. The lower has around 1K rounds through it, but the piston upper is brand new and never fired. Sabre Defense is no longer in business and these could be collector items some day. Stock is a brand new Magpul UBR. Magazine and rail protectors not included.


    Next is my Springfield Armory SOCOM2. I didn't like the huge rail system on it so I removed the lower half of the Voltor rail. There was absolutely no damage done to the rifle when I removed it. The rifle is much lighter and handier with this modification. Rifle has around 2-300 rounds through it. Will come with one 10 round magazine.