WTS/WTT springfield armory, m1a socom ii

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    Sep 5, 2009
    I want to sell or trade a SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, M1A SOCOM II, #AA9629. I’m the second owner, I got this in a rifle trade. But I would rather sell it for another project that I want to complete.
    It has 80 rounds thru the barrel, the original owner bought this rifle in August this year 2010. I still have the box, rifle documents and Army manual, that comes with the rifle. The original brand new price is $1,995.99 it comes with the extended cluster rail system accommodates virtually any optic.
    Aimpoint Comp ML3 $550.00
    Defense AD-68L Aimpoint Optic Low mount worth $105.00
    Troy Industries Modular Combat Grip $79.00
    SureFire Flash light is and mount are NOT included.
    Black Sling is not included.

    The Springfield SOCOM II is
    • 7.62mm NATO (.308 win)
    • Barrel Length: 16.25”
    • Total Length: 37.25”
    • Weight: 10.9lbs.
    • Sights:
    o Front: XS Post w/ Tritium Insert
    o Rear: Enlarged Military Aperture
    • Trigger: 2-stage military, 5 to 6lbs.
    • Magazine Capacity: 5,10, & 20 -round Box Magazine
    • Black Fiberglass, with Black Extended Top Rail.

    This are some options that the buyer has, to purchase this rifle. ARE THE FOLLOWING:

    1****The rifle alone for sale with only one 10 round used springfield magazine for sale for $1,800.00 New for sale price for rifle only $1,650.00 as 12-29-2010.

    Trade value $$1,800.00 stays the same. And all other items keep the same price too.

    2****The rifle with one 20 round used springfield magazine with the AIM point ML3 with American Defense AD-68L Aimpoint Optic Low. for sale for $2,400.00
    3**** The rifle with 3 20 round used springfield magazines with AIMPOINT ML3 and tactical surefire flashlight, one hand tactical grip, and one new GRIP Pod system with bipod,and I wil also include Troy Industries Modular Combat Grip. For $2,600.00

    ^^^TRADES that I would consider the following, according to trade value of your weapon plus or minus cash.

    The weapons that im looking for are the following.
    HK handguns
    1911 Kimbers
    1911 Springfields
    1911 Les Baer
    1911 Wilson Combat
    Mp5/ MP5 clones
    ITT PVS 14/ night vision
    Double stack 1911 Race Guns for competion.
    STI 1911

    I'M OPEN TO ANY WEAPON/CALIBER for trade. Send me your offers..!

    The buyer for this rifle pays shipping and handling fees. Buyers if you are intersted in making a deal trading your firearm, be fair. A good deal is a clean and fair deal. Make sure you have your money for shipping fees of your firearm and accesories. Don't expect for the seller to pay your fees. Thank you.

    Contact me for more pictures or information at ledmach11969@yahoo.com

    I live in El Paso, Texas.

    ALL LAWS APPLY, check your local and state law.



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    Sep 26, 2009
    I am interested! Can you ship to Canada?

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    Jan 25, 2011
    I have Springfield M1A MA9106 (Standard w/ Black Stock and Scope Mount. Leupold 4x Possible, need to discuss).
    As an old 100% Disabled Marine (72-74) I am looking for more compact,
    and don't need the additional range, found out my eyes aren't Recon qualified anymore.... the SOCOM.

    My rifle has NEVER BEEN FIRED. Have Box, etc.

    Will trade & give you $350.00

    If interested contact : drmwjay@msn.com Subject: SOCOM

    Thank You (even if it doesn't work out).

    God Bless America
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    Sep 5, 2009
    Can someone help me or show me how to deleted this post. Or at least Edith. Thank you.