WTS/WTT Rem. 700 pss 308. win

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    Apr 28, 2012
    Ok folks I'm new here bought have sold alot on Accurate shooter under the same name. I have a Rem. 700 pss in 308 for sale or trade. It now has a Bell & Carlson A-2 style stock on it. < od green> It also comes with a Wyatts Outdoors DBM setup and 2-5 round magazines. The trigger was adjusted to 2.5 pounds with no creep or over travel. The rifle has 271 rounds down the tube and shoots for an average group size of .632 @ 100 yards for 3. Load is 45 grains varget under either Nosler custom comp. 168 grainer or Berger 168 vld hunting bullets.

    I'm asking $900.00 plus shipping. Or would like to trade for a fast twist .243 winchester or a 260 remington. As long as it has a heavy barrel and a good stock < hs precision or similiar, I dont care who the maker is.

    Ps... Rifle also comes with 0 moa egw mount and all load data. Will sell with a 20 moa egw mount and 200 Nosler bullets, as well as a box of sierra 168 gr. match kings. and 1.75 boxes of sierra 155 matchkings for $125 more.

    Thanks in advance Eric.gun)
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