WTS/WTT: RCBS Hand Priming Tool, dies, .224" inside neck reamer, and few others

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  1. Damascus

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Hello, I had bought a new reloading kit, and have some of the new stuff in it that I don't need, so I am going to sell it.

    -RCBS Hand Priming Tool - brand new in the box, takes standard shellholders, not the APS model, uses primer tray. $.35

    -RCBS Case Lube Pad and Case Lube II, still sealed in celaphane, never been opened. $15.

    -RCBS 3-die set .357 Mag, FL sizer, expander, and seat/crimp. I will include a shellholder, unless it happens to sell individually, which I doubt (it is listed below). I just bought a Redding Competition micrometer set, so I no longer need these. $30.

    -RCBS Inside Neck Reamer .224" - I had put this in my "cart" along with a RCBS trimmer, but would up buying a different trimmer, but forgot to remove the reamer - so here I have a new reamer here, and I will either sell/trade it to someone here, or keep it till' I can eventually use it. $9.

    -Speer Reloading Manual - Brand new, came in my kit. $20.

    -Hornady shellholder - I think it's number 18, I can't remember at the moment, fits .223 Rem and like cases. $5.

    -Lee Shellholder - #1, for .38/.357 Mag - this is the standard shellholder for presses, not the "auto-prime" shellholder. I bought it because it was all that was in stock at my local gunshop, and I needed a shellholder right then. After getting home with it, I measured it to make sure the dimensions were the same as the RCBS shellholders, and all were identical. Apparently, I'm a snob, so I bought an RCBS one anyways, so now I don't need this one. $5.

    -RCBS Powder Funnel - new, came in kit. I prefer my FA drop tube kit. $5.

    Sorry, I'm not brave enough to use PayPal. I will pay half of shipping charges on items $20 or over, and I use USPS flat-rate Priority boxes/method. PM or e-mail me at g2gunsmithing@gmail.com
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    Feb 12, 2012
    Re: WTS/WTT: RCBS Hand Priming Tool, .224" inside neck reamer, and few others

    If you can take a Paypal gift, I'll take this. I broke the crap out of mine

    I can mail a personal check too, just can;t get to a post office to do a money order for 2 weeks

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    Dec 4, 2016
    Re: WTS/WTT: RCBS Hand Priming Tool, .224" inside neck reamer, and few others

    ill take the hand priming tool if its still avail
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    Aug 25, 2014
    Re: WTS/WTT: RCBS Hand Priming Tool, .224" inside neck reamer, and few others

    This post is from 4 years ago.....