Wts/wtt dpms sass 308

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    Jan 16, 2004
    Ive got the hankering for a shorter, lighter, 308 bolt rifle. I either need to sell this to fund the building of one or to trade it for one.
    Price is $2250 shipped to your FFL. Does NOT come with scope, unimount, stock pack or bipod. Comes in plastic case, 2 mags, iron sights, cleaning equipment. Also has a single stage JP trigger. Round count is approx 550

    Rifles I would consider are something Rem 700 based(or like action), done by Wnroscoe, GAP, APA, R&D, LSR. I obviously prefer McM A4 stocks, but isnt a big deal as it will find its way into a McM A4 anyway.

    Certain optics are possible trades too.
    S&B PM2 scopes-
    3-12x50 MTC
    4-16x42 or 50

    Nightforce scopes-
    3.5-15x50 F1 with MLR reticle and MIL knobs
    3.5-15x50 Mil knobs/MLR reticle/Zero stop.
    3.5-15x50 Mil knobs/MLR reticle
    3.5-15x50 MOA knobs/R1 reticle/Zero Stop
    3.5-15x50 MOA knobs/R1 reticle
    Would consider a 5.5x22x50 in any of the above configs.

    Premier Heritage
    3.5-15 Single or double turn

    I will not entertain USO scopes as trades..