WTS: Shilen SS bbl 220 Swift ***SOLD***

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    May 18, 2009
    Barrel is 24", has been shot some. Still has a lot of life left in it.
    I don't load to max, so my shooting is pretty easy on the tubes.
    Threaded for a Rem 700 action. Heavy Varmint taper. $125.00 plus shipping.
    I will ship to anywhere in the lower 48. UPS insured.

    More info: 1:12 twist. It has about 300 rounds through it. Polished Stainless. I'll post picks when I get a chance. I didn't shoot a lot of paper with it, mostly crows, ground hogs and coyote. Basically, what a 220 is good for. If I did my job, it hit target every time. What I did see on paper was sub MOA at 100 yds. It likes a 55gr Nos Bal Tip, 55 Hornady V-max, It's a good bbl. I am starting a new build of a 6mm AI and need $$$ or I wouldn't be selling it.

    Bbl is sold.
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