*** WTS - Ruger No. 1v 25-06 *** SOLD PENDING FUNDS

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    Dec 29, 2002
    Making room for some new #1's I have purchased so here is your chance to aquire some of my duplicate Ruger No. 1's. This is a pristine "safe queen" that my son says is a "shooter" (and he is a Cooper nut). Less than 20 rounds down the tube (my son thinks 11 or 14). I am asking $850 shipped to your FFL and will add a new Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 for $150. (I will be listing soon on one of the auction sites if no takers). Keep in mind that these are discontinued and becoming harder to find, especially in this condition!

    For those unfamiliar with the 25-06 I have prepared some interesting facts. Anyone that loves the 257 Roberts will absolutely love this caliber as it is very similar, only far more versatile with same bore size. Recoil can be very mild with surprisingly fast, flat shooting ballistics.

    The 25-06 is an excellent cartridge that provides excellent ballistics and trajectory for varmint through deer sized game. The 25-06 shines as an ideal dual purpose varmint and deer rifle. The 25-06 has ballistics, trajectory, and wind bucking ability that is among the very best varmint only cartridges available. The 25-06 as a dual purpose cartridge has the advantage of being quite capable of shooting bullets as heavy as 120 gr. bullets. The 25-06 is an excellent choice for Whitetail, Mule Deer, Antelope, and similar sized game.

    Varmint weight bullets include the 75 gr. Hornady V-MAX, 85 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tips, and 90 gr. Sierra HPBT. These bullet obtain extremely high velocities in the 25-06 and they are constructed with thin jackets and hollow cavities that cause these bullets to explode on contact with an object. This is important for Varmint hunting as you will often be shooting longer distances in open fields at small targets.

    Favorite powder for the 25-06 is Hodgkin’s H4831-SC. I have also used IMR 4320, IMR 4350, IMR 4831, IMR 4895 and H4831. The H4831-SC in my gun is the most accurate powder that I have tried with every bullet weight and type. The SC part of the name refers to "short-cut" meaning that the powder granules are about half the length of the normal H4831 powder. This short-cut powder is much easier for a powder measure to deliver an accurate charge. Furthermore, the smaller granules may pack better in the case yielding a better charge density. My other choices in order are the H4831, IMR 4831, and IMR 4350.
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