WTS McMillan A5 SA700 Badger M5

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    Jan 29, 2011
    I have a McMillan A5 MTU contour and standard fill in desert Camo for sale. This stock has 2 flush cups on the left side and 2 studs (one in the fore end and one in the butt). This stock is in perfect condition and has only bee bolted up for about 500rds. The stock has been skim bedded with Agra Glass and it is pillar bedded as well. This also comes with a Badger DBM in a FDE color to match the stock. It will also come with 1 10rd AI brand mag.

    This is what it cost me to put together
    Mcmillan A5 $645 after shipping
    Skim bed and pillar bed $100 after shipping
    Badger M5 DBM in FDE $310 after shipping
    10rd AI mag $80 shipped

    This whole set up cost me $1135 new and I purchased it all new.
    Asking $1025 shipped I do not want trades
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