WTS: Custom Colt Sauer 30-06 Ackley Improved

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    This is a Colt Sauer action with a fluted Wiseman barrel with and McMillan fiberglass stock. McMillan used my action to develop their Colt Sauer stocks. Anyway it is the forest green camo pattern. The gun has not been used much and not carried at all. Only used for shooting out of elevated deer stands. I am selling due to having too many that I do not use and they are just sitting in the heated safe.

    All Metal work done by Bill Wiseman. All stockwork done by McMillan Inc. Trigger was tuned and is very sweet without any creep. Gun is very accurate and it has the factory 1" recoil lug that prevents the action from moving at all in the stock.

    Comes with the Colt Sauer contured scope bases for Leupold scope rings, RCBS dies and the reloading recipe for the long range hunting loads (Nosler 150gr Accubond @ 3265fps).

    It downed a whitetail at 678 yards (laser ranged) a couple years ago. Price is $1400 plus shipping to your FFL dealer. Thanks for your interest.

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