WTB action/parts/tools for 338 lapua imp

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    Jan 9, 2006
    I am trying to put together parts for a 338 or 30-338 lapua improved. Does anyone have an oversize action or at least a full round remmy copy? I dont want anything huge like the 10X2 bat but something that would handle it I would appreciate. Also looking for any other parts/tools to help. Reamer, dies, brass? Thank you much.

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    I have one of both and I won't get rid of either, but am willing to offer advice on your project. First, you will want Neil Jones dies. There are none better for what you are doing.

    Check on the 1.5" BAT actions. I think you will like them. Mine are all on Hall Express actions, but Alan does not make them anymore and I only have three of the express models...... FWIW, I would get the 2" BAT unless you were going hiking with the rifle but then again, the weight difference will be minimal.

    I will save you some money on brass. As soon as you read this go and order as many boxes as you can afford from Cabelas. The are $50 per box cheaper than anyone else I have found that will honor their advertised prices. (Powder Valley prices on their web site are not applicable according to them. When a new shipment is received, they will post new prices).