Winchester M70 338 WinMag Tactical Hunting Package

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    May 11, 2005
    I'm selling my "Winchester M70 338 WinMag Tactical Hunting Package" at If anyone is interested, you might be able to view the item by following this link.

    [I don't know if selling items (by posting here) in this manner is allowed or not with link to auction? If not, I do apologize.]

    I would like to sell my Winchester Model 70 (Caliber - .338 win. mag.), tactical long-range hunting rifle package. It has the following features:

    The package includes:

    - Winchester Model 70, Classic, Synthetic, Stainless Steel, (.338 Win. Mag.) Rifle
    o Caliber: .338 Winchester Magnum
    o Stock: Synthetic
    o Barrel: 26” stainless steel finish
    o Internal Magazine Capacity: 3 + 1 in chamber
    o Trigger has been adjusted by a gunsmith for clear, crisp response
    o Three position safety
    o Weight: Approximately 6 ½ pounds (without accessories)
    o The Winchester® Model 70 – No other rifle has such a rich history of dependable performance. it serves as a timeless example of what a bolt-action rifle should be. The three-position safety is renowned for easy use. The barrel rifling on many models is hammer-forged, meaning excellent tolerances for better accuracy. The classic, Controlled Round Feed action is a mainstay and continues to make the Model 70 line the most reliable and smoothest cycling in the industry. The massive claw of the Controlled Round Feed bolt captures the base of the cartridge securely, whisking it right to the chamber as fast as you can work the bolt. Newly designed stocks are very impressive, providing a sure hold and balanced handling.

    - Zeiss 4.5-14x50 MC Conquest Rifle Scope (Target Turrets): Featuring
    o Silver Finish
    o Tube Diameter: 1"
    o Objective (front) Diameter: 56 mm
    o Ocular (rear) Diameter: 40 mm
    o Adjustable Objective: No (Side Focus)
    o Adjustment Click Value: 1/4 minute of angle
    o Eye Relief: 3.34"
    o Field of View at 100 Yards: 25.5 - 8.84 feet
    o Lens Coating: MC multicoated
    o Length: 14.02"
    o Weight: 20.45 ounces
    o Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof
    o Z-Plex Reticule
    o Target Knobs (Elevation and Windage – Precise, Audible 1/4 Click)
    o Side Focus
    o Transferable Lifetime Warranty
    o Packed with features, these Zeiss Conquest scopes are sure to please even the most demanding shooter. Zeiss Conquest scopes offer etched reticules to withstand repeated recoils, 1-piece main body tube construction, unsurpassed clarity and low light performance due to Zeiss' proprietary lens coating system, constant eye relief regardless of magnification, split second windage and elevation adjustments that are among the highest and widest in the industry, and they are all fog proof, waterproof and covered under Zeiss' transferable limited lifetime warranty.

    - Harris Bipod Model S-LM 9” to 13” with Leg Notch Swivel Mount
    o Ultra-light Harris Bipods are lightning quick and manufactured with quality heat treated steel and hard alloys. The bipods are quick-detachable and clamp to the Q.D. stud of bolt action rifles with conventional stock design. Carrying your rifle with a sling or shooting off-hand is not impeded by the use of a Harris Bipod. Series S Bipods rotate to either side for instant leveling on uneven ground. Hinged bases have tension adjustment to eliminate tremor. Bipods have an all-weather black anodized finish.

    - Burris 1” Signature Rings (Silver) High
    o Scratch-free and stress-free mounting, Signature Rings also accept Pos-Align Offset Inserts so you can virtually sight-in your gun without moving the scope adjustments, And for you 1000 yard and other long range shooters, the need for expensive tapered bases or shimming becomes a hassle and expense of the past.

    - Burris 1” Signature Pos-Align Offset Insert Kit
    o For serious shooters, the optional offset inserts allow a scope to be brought almost to complete zero, then using the windage and elevation adjustments only for the final, fine adjustment. This keeps the erector tube centered in the scope for improved scope clarity and performance.

    - Burris Base Shims Kit
    o Sometimes, a scope that is mounted to a gun may not have enough internal elevation adjustment to fit your needs. Shimming the base will offer more flexibility in mounting options for your scope and gun combination.

    - Leupold Standard 1 Piece Base
    o 1/4 degree of built-in elevation compensating for bullet drop at extreme ranges

    - Allen Buttstock Shellholder (10 Rounds)
    o Providing easy and convenient access to shells, for quick follow up shots.

    - Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Cover #34 Objective
    o This cover opens at the touch of your thumb and features a watertight friction mount and semi O-ring that securely anchors the cover, sealing out dust and moisture.

    - Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Cover #19 Eyepiece
    o This cover opens at the touch of your thumb and features a watertight friction mount and semi O-ring that securely anchors the cover, sealing out dust and moisture.

    - Limbsaver Prefit Recoil Pad
    o These recoil pads offer innovative recoil reduction technology that absorbs recoil and vibration through a unique three-step process using a proprietary material NAVCOM. The superior LimbSaver recoil reduction system allows greater access for follow up shots.

    - Anti-Cant Device (Silver – Scope and Rifle Leveler)
    o The anti-cant device fits onto your scope like a scope ring and tells you whether your rifle is level or not. It is that simple. There has been a lot of research done about the cant of a rifle affecting accuracy (a lot of it was done decades ago). This bubble level affixes to the scope of your rifle where it is easy to see. Perfect for those shooting off a mechanically supported position. Also works well as a front sight level for NRA match and long range rifles.

    - Rifle Sling, Padded, Adjustable, With Swivels, Black

    - Hard-shell, black, Plastic Rifle-case

    - This package includes all these accessories

    - Ammunition: One box of Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silver Tip included with Purchase. (Additional Empty Shell Cases, free, Available if requested)


    This rifle package performs very well, and has only a few blemishes. Minor scratches on the synthetic stock and a few very light marks on the barrel. The Zeiss Scope is practically brand new, is crystal clear, performs well in low light conditions and has very good adjustments. This scope has been zeroed (using a combination of the Burris Rings, Shims, and Leupold Long Range Base) to allow for maximum elevation adjustment for long-range shots. Overall the rifle package makes a good, weather resistant, heavy-hitting, hunting rifle. There have been less than 200 rounds fired through this rifle.

    I am located in Virginia. Prefer a local transfer but am willing to ship to your local FFL dealer if the buyer is from out of state. I can ship UPS. The buyer pays an additional $25 for standard ground shipping service. I prefer Money Order, but I accept a Certified Check, or Personal Check. I’ll ship the rifle on the same day that payment is received and cleared. Return policy: I’ll give the buyer three days to inspect the rifle, and if not satisfied will refund the money if the rifle is returned to me in the original condition with the return shipping, insurance, and local FFL receiving fee's covered by the buyer.

    If interested, for more information, or pictures please contact me via e-mail.



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    there's just not enough info here to be able to tell exactly what you're trying to sell. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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    Yeah... I thought I would try to leave prospective buyers guessing as much as possible.

    Maybe I should have made this add shorter?
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    May 11, 2005
    Re: (Sold) Winchester M70 338 WinMag Tactical Hunting Package

    This rifle has sold. Please delete thread.