Whooping crane

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    Nov 13, 2005
    Farmer John walked out his door one morning and to his surprise there stood a whooping crane on his fence post. He though, that’s kind of a strange looking bird, and went one to tend to his chores. John kept a real nice farm and was proud of his shiny new tractor. As the days went on, this crane stayed around crapping here and there and on John’s shiny tractor. He shooed it away day after day but the crane would just fly around and then come back just to crap on something else. After a week of this he kicked open his front door and laid down one side of his 10 gauge and solved his problem.
    As farmers do, he was in town a couple days later having coffee and talking to other farmers from the area and told his story. What he didn’t know, was there was a young school girl listening and could tell by the description that it must have been a whooping crane and they are endangered. She reported this occurrence to her teacher and the teacher told the press and things got a little sticky. The next morning John heard a knock on the door and to his surprise there stood the press and half the town wanting to know why he shot an endangered animal. They asked where is the bird and he said I ate it! this of’course caused a flurry but in the mist of confusion a small boy asked; what did it taste like . John replied somewhat like an eagle.