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  1. dwm

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    Feb 26, 2003
    I have been reading a lot of posts lately from guys using WC872 powder. There has been some great posts with very small groups at long range using this powder. I am interested to know how everyone deals with the temperature stability of this powder. When hunting, I can easily see the temperature go from the low 30s in the morning to the 60s or even 70s in the afternoon. Was 86 degrees last weekend for opening day of deer season. (Texas)

    What conditions are this powder usable (stable) in or how do you compensate for temperature changes?

    (I have an 8lb jug.)
  2. budlight

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    Sep 30, 2004
    I've run loads on the edge using compressed loads and the slowest powder for a particular round. I've found that temp consistancy within say plus or minus about 20 degrees is good.

    So in the summer "No Sun" In the shade or even a cooler if I think that the inside vehicle temp might climb way up. Cooler and winter I carry my shells in my inside coat pockets that still maintain 70 degrees or so do to body heat even in the extreeme cold.

    I don't use that powder. But only careful notes on chrono testing of temp readings will give you correct information.