Want to video my hunts this season.

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  1. SouthPawShooter

    SouthPawShooter Well-Known Member

    Apr 26, 2010
    This season i am really entertaining the idea of recording my hunts. I have a dinosaur of a video (VHS) recorder in mint condition i could use but for the cost of new batteries I could almost buy a good used video recorder that is up to date.
    I was wandering if anyone has used these Predator i-Kam Xtreme 3.0 Hunting Video Glasses

    before and how they did.
  2. spdrman

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    May 22, 2011
    I've played with them before but never actually hunted with a set, I thought they would nice to archery hunt with and my local archery shop sells them so I asked if I could try a pair while shooting when you shoot your bow you can't your head a little bit to look through the peep and the camera wouldn't record what you where shooting at, we use them at work for training and they are really cool when your shooting with a handgun cuz you can see right down the front sights and right where the bullets hit, have the same problem shooting rifles as a bow, you can't see anything but your adjustment dials while shooting, they would be nice to have as a second camera angle though. They wouldn't take very good video out past a hundred yards or so, this last fall I invested in a high def video camera and it was well worth the money, its alot more enjoyable watching your hunts with an awesome picture, I picked mine up used for a fair price