Wake up anti's and the indifferent!!!

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Sportsmen contribute $4.7 million every day, adding up to $1.7 billion every year for conservation.

    Hunters and Shooters have paid $3.95 billion in excise taxes since 1939.

    Hunting in America is big business, generating more than one million jobs in the United States.

    For more than 80 years, sportsmen have paid more than $7.6 billion for on-the-ground projects in every state, protecting our natural environment and our fish and wildlife.

    The $2.4 billion in annual federal income-tax money generated by hunters' spending could cover the annual paychecks of 100,000 US Arm troops.

    The conservation end of it.

    White-Tailed Deer:
    In 1900, less than half a million white-tailed deer remained in the nation. Today conservation programs have returned the whitetail population to some 30 million.

    In 1901, only a few ducks remained. Today there are over 31 million ducks populating the United States and Canada.

    Rocky Mountain Elk:
    In 1907, only about 41,000 elk could be counted in the US. Today, populations in 10 western states total approximately 1 million.

    Wild Turkey:
    By the early 1900's, encroaching civilization and habitat loss may have reduced the wild turkey population to under 100,000. Today, conservation programs have restored the population to over 7 million birds.

    Pronghorn Antelope:
    About 50 years ago, the total US population of pronghorn was only about 12,000. Today, conservation programs have helped increase the population to more than one million 1,100,000

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    Somehow I'm sure the antis see it differently.

    They would rather ban hunting, put condoms on deer and let habitat get destroyed/consumed by raging wildlife populations before they'd ever admitted that we (sport hunters) were the real stewards of wildlife and the environment.

    Come on - haven't you figured out that we're the problem - they have and they're not about to change their minds. Good post though.