Very happy new TAC 15 owner (thanks to len)

Discussion in 'PSE TAC 15/15i Crossbow Hunting Forum' started by bangotwango, May 3, 2011.

  1. bangotwango

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    May 3, 2011
    Got my tac package from len monday and finally got to shoot it this evening until mother nature shut me down. I did have one problem when I went to assemble the unit into my lower the rear lug had a bur on it and would not go all the way into my lower. A little file work and we were good to go. I do have a few queations for the vets.

    1. What are the lube points on the crossbow?

    2. There is some sort of tape on the bottom of the release\cocking assembly do you keep that on or take it off?

    3. Are you using regular string wax on cables and string and what kind of life are you getting on strings and cables.

    4. Does the rebuild kit you buy come with a new cocking rope and new rubber isolaters that the string hit?

    5. Has anyone came up with some sort of way to attach the crank to the bow when not in use?

    6. Has anyone used a cordless drill motor for cocking when bench shooting?

    Thats about all I have for now, stay tuned as Im just getting started. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  2. OkieBowie

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    Aug 28, 2010
    I just dip the whole crossbow in hi-temp axle grease. Keeps the crossbow shooting even when things get hot, like when in full-auto mode. :rolleyes:

    Not without doing some hole enlarging (aka drilling) and I would not recommend that. I wish PSE had stuck with their plan of holding the crank to the side of the TAC-1X with magnets, and if necessary added a Velcro strap to secure it when carrying in the field.

    Not me. I would be worried about pulling the string back to far, along with the issue of the cordless drill's slip-clutch or electronic torque limiting not working -- over torquing, thus over cranking.