Very disappointed in MGM 8mm mag barrel + Rem 185 factory load

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  1. sambo3006

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    Jul 30, 2004
    I got a new MGM (formerly Virgin Valley) stainless encore barrel in 8mm Rem Mag and acquired 2 boxes of Factory Remington 185's. Figured I would use them on deer this year and then have the brass to load. I know I need to check out all the variables such as scope, base and rings before I completely jump to conclusions, but everything seems tight and the scope has been reliable before. After a couple of sighters, my first group at 100 yds was about 3 and 5/8"! A fourth shot still made it a 3" group for the last 3 shots.

    I'm hoping the barrel just doesn't like those 185's, but I have NEVER had a good shooter that didn't at least shoot okay with nearly anything you stuffed in it. I would have thought I could have expected an inch and a half or so. I stopped after that group as my available time before gun season is limited and I want to use something that I can rely on out to at least 300 yds, was just hoping to break this in on a whitetail. I guess on to the 270 Wby and some 150 gr Partitions.

    Hopefully I will discover the reason for the shotgun pattern group when I have more time to tinker with it after gun season, and black powder season, and bow season, and duck season.......
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    Mar 26, 2005
    It sounds like it's time to do some load development. You might also have some lockup issues between the new barrel & your frame. There's plenty to check in a new combination like that.