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    Mar 25, 2010
    what is the difference? They list a price for general deer so i assume i can put in for it but then the guide book doesnt say i can. It only mentions limited for nonresidents... I am looking to get some point in wyoming and cant figure out if i need/want preference or bonus points . any help is appreciated
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    In Utah there are two opportunities for deer: the general draw and the limited draw. For the general draw you do not need preference points and can apply for a archery, muzzleloader or rifle tag. For the limited draw which is for the best areas to hunt trophy deer you will need a lot of preference points. Before you can be illegible for the draw you must purchase a non resident hunting license which is about $100. General deer hunting in Utah is not all that great.

    The period for applying in Utah is very short and I think it is over but perhaps not.

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    Jan 10, 2011
    You can still put in for bonus points, but the applications for drawing a tag closed a few days ago. You technically don't need bonus points for the general or limited entries if you're lucky :)

    The limited units are managed for trophies and have fewer tags to reduce pressure. The general units can still have great deer but you'll usually see way more hunters than deer.