Use of 6 1/2 primer in .204 Ruger or .223

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by RoadKill, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Dec 17, 2010
    While gathering the tools to get back into reloading after an extended layoff and the components to load for a new Rem. 700 VLS in .204 Ruger, I had ordered Rem. 7 ½ primers but misplaced inventory resulted in the sickly thin cup 6 ½ primers being delivered instead. Assured that they were interchangeable I decided to keep them for use in lighter .204 and in .223 loads though I did get BR-4 to use for the more “serious” work. The shipping charge for this stuff is just wrong.

    Since then I have run across several opinions that the pressures even in lighter loads for both the .204 and .223 are still too high to use the 6 ½ primer unless I don’t mind the damage from the imminent leakage caused by the too thin cup. The 6 ½ “they” say is an excuse to replace the 22 Hornet that was among what I first began to load for back in the ‘70s.

    Am I asking for trouble by using the 6 ½ in loads with the powder charge from those listed in the begin level to no more than mid range? I’m more interested in accuracy than maximum velocity and am trying to nurse the best out of the factory action and barrel which will be trued and replaced if I can’t find something that will stay less than ½ MOA out to 300 or so yards. This is a DIY project in progress that will be floated, pillar bedded, and Jewell installed before the call is made for action work and a faster twist “real” barrel. I had rather not toast the bolt’s or my own face and once happy with the Remington I would love to have another Contender barrel in .22 Hornet or such that can us the 6 ½.

    While not a raw beginner it has been a long while of limited shooting with factory loads. I need to pick from the experience to be had from such as this site to get me back in the game.

    Thanks in advance.