twin triggers on a Husqvarna 1400

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  1. rocky_lange

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    Jan 3, 2008
    In return for helping my girlfriend's aunt sell her late husband's gun colection, she is giving me one of the firearms. I chose a Husqvarna Model 1400 in .30-06 because I have a thing for mauser type actions.

    The first time I liked at the rifle it was just a cursory glance to get make and model. But on further inspection, I noticed it had two triggers. :confused:

    I played with it for a while and figured out the front trigger acts like a normal trigger as long as the rear trigger has not been pulled first. If you pull the rear trigger first, it takes all the tension out of the front trigger. The front trigger now will fire with the slightest touch. Pretty cool, huh. The rifle also has a 22 3/4 inch barrel and is factory drilled for scope mount bases. Could make a pretty cool tactical rifle.

    My question though, I can find nothing on a 2 trigger set up on these rifles. What does it do to the rifle's value? I had booked it at around $475 - $500 until I saw the 2 triggers.

  2. Black Diamond 408

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    Sep 6, 2003
    I would speculate this rifle is worth more than you estimated. "Double set triggers" on their own cost over 200.00 plus installation fees.

    Its a keeper!

    Ive put together lots of Mausers over the years and used the Double Set Triggers. It really gives the rifle a nice look.