Trijicon ACOG, Millet DMS

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    Jan 31, 2008
    [​IMG]I just got home for the last time and I dont need these any more so I thought I would put them up here to see if any of you guys wanted them before I put them on EBAY.

    The first sight is my TAO1 NSN ACOG 4x32 that served with me in Afghanistan and Iraq. I added the J point red dot sight and killflash last year before my trip to Iraq for the CQB stuff. It has my hand painted one of a king KRYLON finish on it.

    The second sight is a Millet DMS 1 in a Larue SPR-E mount with 1-4x24 variable power illuminated rectical . I got it to take with me to Iraq but it never made the trip I just stuck with my ACOG. So it just sat in the safe.

    I need 1100.00 for the ACOG and 420.00 for the Millet

    I have no idea how to put the pics on but I have them if you would like to see I will e-mail them to you or maybe you can help me get them in to the post