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    Jul 29, 2004
    This farmer has three sons, and one day the oldest ask if he
    would buy him a car.
    And his father said " Son do you see that tractor over there,
    It has to be paid off before I can buy you a car''
    But when it is I promise I will get you a new car.

    A week later the second son ask about a new bicycle and got
    the same story from his dad.

    Just a couple of days later his youngest son approched him for a
    new tricycle . well after hearing that the tractor had to be paid
    off before he could get a new tricycle he proceeded to kick the
    rooster off of a hen that he was trying to mate ,and his father
    scolded him and ask why would he do a thing like that ?

    The boy looked his dad in the eye and said

    "Hey nobody rides anything around here untill that damn tractor
    is paid for"