Thanks Ol'Mike!

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    Jan 24, 2008
    I simply must take the time to publicly THANK, Ol'Mike!
    I must thank him for being so helpful, honest and thoughtful in our recent firearms transaction that started in this forums classified section!
    Not only was Ol'Mike patient with me as I asked him MANY questions regarding his Rifle that he was offereing for sale, he was expiditious in getting the Rifle to me in a surprisingly short time!
    And if that were not enough, the Rifle came to me EXACTLY as it had been described!
    I could not be happier with my dealings and interaction with Ol'Mike!
    On top of all this Ol'Mike took the time to include some load data he had worked up for the Rifle and he even included an odd Allen type wrench to work on the Burris rings that were included in our deal!
    I hope someday I can return a favor to Ol'Mike.
    Thanks again Ol'Mike and see you on down the ridge someday!
    Hold into the wind
    Dale Gibbons
    Dillon, Montana
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