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    Jun 2, 2009
    After working years in foreign countries where people have zero liberties with firearms I went crazy and got into long range shooting when I came back home to Texas. Started with 7RUM and only disappointed with brass life, which is comparable to that of a fruit fly. Went up to 338LM in Sako TRG then 338 Norma Mag in a Schneider barrel on TAC338 action (which should be standard issue to every infidel sniper). Playing with Blaser Tac 2 in 338 LM but it doesn't come close to the Norma. Would really enjoy shooting with fellow long range enthusiasts but our numbers aren't that many (maybe like 3 percent, :cool:). An Oath Keeper shoot/ get together would be cool. Any veterans in Texas interested give me a shout.

    Attached is one of those picture puzzles where you try to find the differences between the two pictures. There are differences but I can't find them. Need some help.

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