T/C Encore Rifle 24" Custom Virgin Valley Barrel .243 Winchester $590

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    Dec 12, 2011
    I put this rifle together for Longer Range Antelope hunting, then moved East before I could put it to use.

    Thompson Center Encore Frame - Blued
    Composite Stock
    Professional Trigger Job right at 4lbs

    Virgin Valley Custom Barrel (Now Match Grade Machine)
    Tight neck in chamber (most factory brass is Good To Go, but reloads may need neck turned)
    Tight headspace (SAAMI Min. +.0005) was target, I do not have gages to check with, but VVC usually hit dead on target.
    Slight fingerprint marks 2" forward of composite forend, otherwise pristine.
    Fitted with optics rail.

    16 total rounds through both receiver and barrel.

    This is a very fine shooting rifle, I just don't have the distance shooting capability to make the lighter, faster round effective where I live.

    Asking $590

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