T C Dimension

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  1. Pa pap

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    Nov 27, 2013
    My son has an opportunity to pick up a new TC Dimension in 7mm-08.
    What does anyone know about the accuracy / quality of this rifle?
    I own a TC Venture 270 WSM and have had great success getting it to shoot well under 1" @100yds. Do you think this Dimension will be a decent shooter?
    I appreciate all input.
  2. Pa pap

    Pa pap Member

    Nov 27, 2013
    Well, he picked up this rifle and we loaded up 4 different powders using 120 grain Noslers to break in barrel. This was also to start looking at a load for my grandson to use for deer hunting when he gets big enough.

    5 rounds each:
    40 gr/RL15
    39 gr/IMR 4350
    39 gr/IMR 4895
    39 gr/IMR 4064

    5 rounds with cleaning intervals on each group @ 100 yds. in sequence of break-in:
    RL 15 group -1.5"
    4350 group - 1.25"
    4064 group - 1"
    4895 - .75"

    Trigger has some creep, but easy to learn where it was going to snap.
    Bolt is not the easiest to remove / replace.
    Comb is a bit high for my liking,made it hard to get down on scope with glasses.

    All things considered I think this rifle will be a good shooter once we find the load it likes best. Definitely good enough for hunting deer in Pa.