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    Feb 16, 2009
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but post on several others under the same name. I am 63 years old and don't hunt anymore except for prairie dogs. I was a big game hunter and club level target shooter all my life. Started hunting at age 12. I've long ago lost count of the game that I've taken, but it has been a bunch, probably more than my share. I started reloading at age 16 and have been an avid reloader and firearms experimenter ever since. Currently I'm an NRA Endowment member and NRA Range Technical Team Advisor. I've also done quite a bit of shotgunning and pistol shooting. My favorite calibers currently are the .223AI, .204 Ruger, .243, 6.5x284, and .30 Smith, which is an 8mm Rem. Mag. necked to .30 with a tight neck. I currently reside in Brownsville, TX. Hopefully, I'll be voluntering at the NRA Whittington Center next summer, if the good Lord is willing and my health doesn't get any worse. More later, and good shooting, Swampshooter. gun)PS. I love this little icon.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting. gun)