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    Hi--I am from south west Kansas. I love to hunt and fish but we dont have any water so fishing only happens when I go somewhere else. A few years ago when I retired ( I was a german car auto tech and working musician) My dad turned me on to Mauser 98's. I always had firearms but usually only had single shots. I saw some rifles that my Dad had built (with help from the Broken Gun Ranch in Spearville Ks) and just loved them. So I had him take me to his gun dealer and I actually had the opportunity to pick the K98 out from quite a bunch of them. I picked one out that had been arsenal refinished with an exceptional bore. stamped 1934 and Erfurt. I took it out with some surplus 8mm ammo that I bought and found out that it shot exceptionally well and I started from there. I was going to change calibers but after I shot and studied the 8 x 57 round I decided that I would stay with that Caliber. I stripped the rifle from the stock and sent it to the same gunsmith that my Dad uses and told him what I wanted to do with the rifle. It took a few months to get back, meanwhile I picked up a stock from Bell and Carlson (made right down the road) Had a Timney trigger installed, had the action trued and blueprinted the barrel set back and rechambered. A muzzle brake installed and had a Bushnell Banner scope put on it. the final thing was having it redone in Duracoat. Here are some pictures:

    After I built the black one, my wife decided that she wanted it so I started building another. It is a K98a with the longer barrel, same situation went and picked out another excellent rifle ($150 each) and started down the same road although this time I used an old weatherby stock.:

    that will be the brown one in the pictures. I started loading my own rounds and have both rifles very well sub moa and they are excellent hunting rifles. I then built a third one using an ATI stock. I used it for a few months but have basically stripped it and put it in a choate stock with Lyman TK aperture rear sight with a lyman globe front, hoping to enter some competitive shooting with it. My dream is to learn from this forum everything I need to shoot longe range. I grew up hunting and have been shooting as long as I can remember, spent a few years in the Corps and still love shooting distances. I really want to build a tube gun using a mauser action but so far I have hit a wall or two but have machinists at my disposal so I will figure out a way to build one in .308. I have a SS Palma barrel for it already so we will see...Thanks

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    Hi Oneye, welcome to the forum.
    Nice guns by the way.