Stock suggestion? A3-5 vs. adj HTG

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    Jan 29, 2005
    Hey guys,
    I need some suggestions. I have owned a few A-5's and I loved them, but the only times I hunted with them were from the prone position. It just so happens that there is one excellent spot where I can lay down and cover some good terrain, but 90% of the hunting in my area is from a box stand or Tripod stand. My goal is a 12lb rifle, sendero type contour, but what stock do you prefer for this type box stand/tripod stand type of hunting situation? I've narrowed it down to the A3-5 vs the adjustable HTG. I need something that will be the most comfortable shooting off of the rail or window of a box stand. I really want the adjustable cheek piece so that I can get situated with a big nightforce on top.