Stiller Tac30 .260 Remington and extras

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    Apr 27, 2013
    Maybe interested in selling my .260, its a Stiller Tac30 action with a krieger 26 inch barrel (1-8 twist) with about 100 rounds down the tube, McMillian A2 stock, Atlas bipod, rings, timney trigger set at 2.5 pounds with no creep, Detachable box magazine (AI Style) I have about 4 Magazines, and I have about 70 rounds of brass new and around 400 142 Grain 6.5 Berger VLD Bullets. I'd be looking at $4500 or so for the rifle and everything stated plus a Bushnell Tactical scope that is like new, I will throw up pics in the morning.

    Also, I am not looking for any trades at this time.

    I also have a Walther UZI .22 LR That I'd be looking to sell for around $400, I put around 2 bulk packages (500 round packs) Through it this summer, Pretty much only 7 Malfunctions but that is ammo related. Has a 16 inch barrel (Has a shroud on it and a folding stock.)
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