Stainless 25-06 Rem. T/C Encore Barrel

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    Jun 18, 2010
    I am selling my Encore 25-06 barrel. It is stainless and I have removed the front sights, but have them if you want them. I believe I have the rear sight as well but it has some surface rust(completely functional). I will say that I have not been able to get it to shoot as well as I would like with varmint bullets but it seemed to do well with 100 grain match kings, so this is what I used for varmint hunting. I will send a list of loads I have had good luck with along with the barrel. It has never been alloud to get overly hot, only 3 and 5 shot strings before I completely cooled it down. I bought it second hand so I am not sure how many rounds have been fired through it, I suspect from talking to the guy that he shot it far less than I did and i have put around 225-250 rounds through it. I would be keeping it but since getting my Savage LRH I need money for bullets and powder and the 6.5-284 will do everything I would normally have done with the 25-06, I no longer have a use for it. I would consider a trade for either a .204 ruger or 22-250 or other 20-22 caliber barrel that is still in good shape. I would trade for a blued barrel but not even. My email is Drop me an email and I will take some pictures of it for you, it isn't flawless on the outside but is in good condition. 180.00 shipped, add 20 and I will throw in a burris steel base for it.

    Also will send along 49 (the box was short one) Once Fired Nosler Custom brass cases

    Here is a 5 shot group I shot with it at 100 yards with Nosler 110gr Accubonds.

    And here is the only picture I have of it, I killed this beast with it and that accubond load.

    Thanks for looking

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