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  1. Twanger

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Had a great hunt yesterday with the Tac15.

    I drove to one of our deer management spots at 4pm and there were deer already at the feeder. It's usually a waste of time blowing them off the feeder and climbing into the stand. They often don't come back that night.

    After quietly loading the Tac15, I grab the range-finder, and made a nonchalant stroll to the front door of the house to make the deer think I was no threat.

    Then I sneaked down the side of the house and dropped to the ground. When the wind gusted it would get noisy and I'd belly crawl into the side-yard a few feet, and when the wind stopped I'd freeze. About 10 minutes of this gained me 30-40 yards and cover behind a huge pile of hardwood chips in the side-yard.

    I popped my head up and sure enough the deer were still there.

    I popped my head up again with the range finder and ranged a deer near the feeder at 36 yards.

    Ducking back behind the mound I set the Tac15's HHA Speed dial to 36 yards and the scope to 4X.

    Quietly I pulled the Tac15 up on the chip mound, thumbed off the safety, and settled in behind the scope.
    Unfortunately the biggest doe had swapped ends and now was 4 yards from the feeder, looking directly at me and poised for a quick get-away with her vitals behind a tree. Oh no!

    So there we were in a Mexican stand-off, looking like the situation was gonna blow-up at any second. After about 30 seconds of this she made her mind up, swapped ends, and headed back to the feeder. :D Whoo-hoo!

    It wasn't long before the crosshairs were settled on her vitals and the arrow was away. gun)Whop! I was rewarded with the sound of a good hit.

    The place exploded and deer ran everywhere. The doe vanished in one leap. I checked the watch and saw that it was 4:20 - it was the most intense 20 minutes I've had in quite some time.

    120 yards of easy blood trailing yielded a nice mature doe.
    She's #7 for the year, and the farthest I've ever shot a deer with the Tac15.

  2. Mike K/NJ

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    Jun 7, 2006
    Twanger, nice story, congrats on the doe.