###SPF###Rem 700p MLR 338 lap

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    Jan 28, 2005
    ###SPF### Rem 700p MLR in 338 Lapua. New production with good barrel and 5rd detachable magazine. < 100 rds fired. (Previous owner painted rifle, most paint is off) 1:10 twist, original box included.

    $2150 +sh obo trades considered


    $1400 Rifle with muzzle brake and 5rd magazine
    $150 20moa badger base
    $130 30mm Mk4 rings
    $850 6.5-20x50 Leupold vx3 long range scope with fine reticle
    $100 40 rds Lapua brass
    $120 100 lathe turned solid LeHigh bullets 245gr .861 BC
    $45 Wilson Sizing Die
    $45 Wilson Bullet seat die
    $25 Redding shoulder bump die
    targets with load workup. Smallest group to date .367 x 3 shot @100yds with
    95.7 gr retumbo and 245gr lehigh solid

    $2865 new price

    $$$2150 + sh takes it all

    More Pics up tonight
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