**SPF** FS - Like New Veritas S-123 Precision Electronic Scale

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    **SPF** For Sale - Like New Veritas S-123 Electronic Scale.

    The scale is as-new, in the original box with all the original accessories, with owners manual, and original molded styrofoam packing.

    I am well-pleased with it's performance, but selling for personal reasons.

    As far as I can tell the Veritas V-123 performance is as good as or better than the Acculab-123, Denver Instruments MXX-123 and on par with the Sartorius AY-123.

    Capacity -110 grams = 1697.557 grains
    Readibility - .001 grams = .015432 grains
    Repeatibility - .0005 grams = .007716 grains WOW
    Stabilization Time - 3 seconds

    I bought these scales when the Acculab 123 was out of stock everywhere and that was lucky for me. I called the vendor, H&C Weighing Systems and spoke to Mark. As it turned out he is a shooter & is intimately familiar with the problems of drift, repeatability, and other issues reloaders typically have with electronic scales.

    He has access to bench test virtually all the similar scales on the market, He recommended the Veritas V-123 over the AccuLab-123 and other similar brands for several reasons.

    One important feature I like is that the V-123 can be carried to the range and operate from it's self-contained battery option, as well as with its AC power supply, without power conditioning. It seems most similar scales do not offer this portability feature and require power conditioning.

    I would recommend these scales for those who don't want to spend $900 for the Sartorius GD-503, Sartorius AY-123 @ $318.50, or the pricey Denver Labs MXX-123, or the AccuLab-123.

    Here is a link to the website listing all the V-123 features. An owner's manual can be downloaded there for more reading.

    Veritas - S123 - $249.00 - Precision Balance - Affordablescales.com

    email me with questions or for more pics. The above website has great pics. - laveritt@att.net

    $225 + sh.

    First "I'll take it" followed up by a PM gets it.


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