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    Jul 24, 2011
    Name is Andy, and live in the Texas Hill Country.

    Joined a while back and never said hello. Spent 28 years in the military, did combat in the first Gulf War, East Africa, Middle East, and was wounded in Iraq, which ended my service.

    Four years in the hospital gave me time to work on one of my hobbies, building custom 1911 APC's. Many of my past hobbies are no longer, but I still shoot and hunt. Have a four wheel drive wheel chair that helps a lot, but finding places that will let a disabled person hunt is a problem...

    I have several rifles:

    McMillan Warbird
    McMillan Lupa 338
    Custom 280 Ackley Imp Mauser
    Browning 338 Win Mag
    375 Weatherby in a Browning
    Barrett 6.8 SPC
    Custom Remington 7mm RUM
    Couple of Muzzle loaders
    And several rim fires

    Reload everything I can

    Member of NRA, TRA and the Texas Predator Posse

    Great site!